Sunday, April 08, 2007

To stand

by Paul Celan


To stand, in the shadow

of a scar in the air.




for you



With all that has room within it,

even without




Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dearest,

It's amazing how evocative these simple words are and this is a lovely posting.

It was nice to see you for tea:) Perhaps one day. A computer retrevial specialist is still working on my data and tomorrow I should find out what was saved. Regardless, I have come to peace about the situation.

you are feeling a little bit better.

Your Poet

Princess Haiku said...

I am getting better from the flu; although more slowly than I would prefer. Thank you for asking.

Princess Haiku said...

None of my comments are posting and that is unfortunate. I clicked so many times if eventually the server kicks in there will be many copies. Like an echo, echo, echo.

Now I want to make my own romantic map. What a cool thing; never thought of a relationship as a spatial thing. Yet, the moments of contact exist in space as well as time.

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Darling,
I hope eventually some of these posts appear. Leaving you for the night with a dream of gold moonlight spilling on a floor of white marble. Growing in pots everywhere are orange trees, some in fragrant bloom and others offering ripe fruit.