Monday, April 02, 2007

Wabi-sabi, Passover, circle of infinity and yearning for peace

wrote this a year ago, and it seems as relevant as ever for me.

Yonatan Amir. Hamasrek, Arabic House

wabi sabi is a way of life that appreciates and accepts complexity while at the same time values simplicity. Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Tonight it's the evening of Pesach(Passover). and this photo that symbolizes Wabi-Sabi, for me is as a reminder of some of the main icons of Passover: first this round form - that is very much like the way the Matzah (the "bread that was made according to tradition while the people of Israel were travelling in the desert for 40 years in order to get to the holy land) second is the texture of the walls in this amazing photo that emphasizes more the Matzah special image - the roughness of the ones that are made by hand (and maybe the roughness of the life in Egypt back then, and the roughness of our lives here in Israel now days). Immediately upon being harvested, the grain is guarded from moisture so that it does not become leavened. (The grains are guarded from moisture at all times--even after it becomes flour)and the beauty in imperfection runs all along this post for me.... "Because the Creator of the universe is eternal, Jews often made round matzos, since a circle has no beginning and no end. so Yonatan Amir's image makes me define my Matzah perfectly."

The fact that this photo was taken from a ruins of an Arab village - ties me to the complex history of us Jewish and our Arab neighbors - both - we relate passionately almost religiously to the holy territories of Israel, shattering so much blood, while we all share the same love. I do hope peace will come soon. (i just realize that the sound of

Pesach and Peace - are very much the same).

hope this year Peace will come upon all of us


Princess Haiku said...

I am very touched by this beautiful discussion of the meaning of Matzah and your hope for world peace. I wish you joy in your observance of Passover.

Yonatan said...

וואו, תודה. פרשנות יפה. היה נחמד להיפגש באקראי אתמול.
חג שמח!
נ.ב: הבטחתי לך סיור אמנותי-קולינרי בירושלים, לא?

Moon River said...

היה נחמד ומפתיע. אשמח לסיור אמנותי-קולינרי!

Moon River said...

Princess thanks!