Friday, May 04, 2007

"In the old days, evil things spread rapidly, but now good things spread rapidly. If you understand . . . everything begins to appear wonderful and beautiful, and it naturally makes people stop wasting or stop desiring unnecessary things. This awakening is contagious and it will be transmitted to everybody soon."

- Ryoju Kikuchi

via whiskeyriver


Princess Haiku said...

Dear Moon,
Thank you for leaving the dancer as ghost link. I went to visit and it was an interesting installation.

I hope that good things will spread rapidly.

Jorge said...

I thank you again for your part in spreading the things that are beautiful, inspiring, thought-provoking, or just amazing! Be well,

Princess Haiku said...

I am transmitting............ what?
:) a smile and a splash of sunlight. I know that you enjoy Rilke and hope you enjoyed my recent posts.