Wednesday, May 23, 2007


6/6 frame from "Orphics: Nocturne", Digital Video, 4'40", 1995

Edward Zajec point of departure is the use of the computer in real time, and a different algorithmic or rule-based approach. ORPHICS 1992-2000 This composition, based on Maurice Ravel's Sonatine, is the first work that translates a musical composition into its visual counterpart, not with arbitrarily set free-form or mathematical themes, but according to predefined rules for the reading of musical scores. By establishing a biunivocal correspondence of units in time to units in space, the action unfolds by maintaining a space rather than by following a trajectory.

3/6 frame from "Orphics: 5ieme Gnossienne", Digital Video, 4'00", 1996

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Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dear,
This is a superb post and why I so much enjoy your blog. Music as liquid architecture.. fascinating. I could imagine myself wrapped in fabric woven of this liquid music. Very esoteric.