Saturday, May 26, 2007

Shulamit Near

Shulamit Near is an Israli painter, seeing her oil paintings at a gallery last week, made me even more inlove with her imagery. Some of her paintings are tiny, and the smaller they are - the bigger the magic.

via yonatan amir


Jorge said...

I've always liked water colors, and these are very nice. Thanks for sharing them. Be well,

Yonatan said...

Oil colors, not water.
still waiting...

shulamit said...

Moon. Thanks so much for the introduction. If you are ever in Jerusalem will be happy to meet.
Shulamit near.

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dearest,
There is a pinkish aura; a tangible pale milk dawn, a warmth in these that delights.

Moon River said...

* Shulamit - i would love it!, thanks :)

* Yonatan, i thought you'd never ask :)

* Princess - there is magic,
a kind of overpowering/irresistible ,absorbed vastness.