Saturday, June 09, 2007


Just when i get the impression 'I've seen them all' map-art imagery, again i emblazed by the endless creativity and ideas drown by maps in art, it seems to deliver a comprehensible common ground for both very intimate as well as social and political manifestation .

Destiny Deacon. Border patrol, 2006. lightjet print from Polaroid original 80 × 100cm


This artwork by artist Kathryn Vermillion is based on a 1980 map of the southern portion of Plaquemines Parish. Reports say that as a result of Hurricane Katrina, the southern part of this parish was reclaimed by the Mississippi River...


Jessica Rankin’s series of ‘mental maps’, with hand-embroidered text and geographic forms on stitched panels of cotton explore ideas of memory, intuition and interpretation. and become places where landscape meets memory.


Christa Dichgans maps

"Europa" 2005 oil paint, paper collage on canvas 150 x 195 cm

"Peru" 2004. oil paint on canvas, 140 x 100 cm


Tim McMichael

Via greatmap , the map room and metafilter


JStruan said...

Those are pretty cool. Have you seen the rpg-style map of how Japan sees the US?

Princess Haiku said...

These are unique.

Princess Haiku said...

"Here she goes again...." Discovering lovely map upon map upon....