Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer Love

Paintings by Cecily Brown and a poem by Sarah Hannah {via alecsoth}

"Days of Heaven" 2001 oil paint on canvas 203 x 214 cm

The Colors Are Off This Season


I don’t want any more of this mumble-

Orange fireside hues,

Fading sun, autumnal tumble,

Stricken, inimitable—Rose.

I want Pink, unthinking, true.

Foam pink, cream and coddle,

Miniskirt, Lolita, pompom, tutu,

Milkshake. Pink without the mottle

Or the dying fall. Pink adored, a thrall

So pale it’s practically white.

A tinted room beneath a gable—

Ice pink, powder, feather-light—

Untried corner of the treble.

I want the lift, not the lower.

Bloodless pink stalled at girl,

No weight, no care, no hour.

"Single room furnished" 2000 oil paint on canvas 152 x 190 cm

"Summer Love" 2000 oil paint on canvas 190 x 228 cm

"Dodgy" 2004 oil paint on linen 203.2 x 213.3 cm


Jorge said...

So much of art and poetry is about love, as well it should be. Be well,

Princess Haiku said...


José Pedro Ribeiro said...

I always get something beautiful when coming here. Thank you!

Single & Clothing said...

These are such beautiful paintings, full of sensations!!
Loved them!

Nightspore said...

Truly Amazing work.