Wednesday, June 06, 2007

View from my Desk

In a day such as this, when I'm not yet decided whether I'm sad, lacking something essential, OR, full with hopes and inspirations. Nothing like to gaze at this wonderful Taurus in front of me.

But Deeply, truly I Crave for entering the dream like universe of HIRAKI SAWA right here, right now.

Going Places Sitting Down, 2004. 3 channel video projection. i couldn't find a video sample, but i did find some MAGICAL SOUNDS (hit the right bar, try Going places sitting down, 2004)

Hiraki Sawa. Still image from 'Dwelling' video 2002,


Princess Haiku said...

This is another of my favorite posts. Is that your book collection, Moon? What a good idea; to show a photo instead of typing a long list.

Moon River said...

This is only a partial collection of Art Books at the office - where i work.
i do have my own smaller collection of art books back home dearest.

Nathan said...

Nice post. It reminds me of "on my desk" - a blog about just that.

Princess Haiku said...

If I was rich I would send you all of the art books you desired my darling, and at least one antique magenta map. And since I am not, I leave you with the image of an orange tree, that I have drawn with a smudgy charcoal pencil. From my poetic mind to yours.... this sweet fragrance.

mustard cuffins said...

you can see a video at

Anonymous said...

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