Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"Since 2004", sais artist Mickey Smith, "I have photographed bound periodicals and professional journals in public libraries. These publications are being replaced their online counterparts, and in many cases the printed versions are no longer bound. Searching endless rows of these utilitarian texts, I am continually struck by physical mass of information and tenuousness of printed works as they fade from public consciousness. The act of hunting for and photographing these volumes is fundamental to my process. I do not touch, light, or manipulate the books and words – preferring to document them as found in the stacks, created by the librarian, and positioned by the last unknown reader." via personism and coudal


Jorge said...

I remember spending hours in the stacks at the library going through these bound journals. While there is no question that computer access is faster and more efficient, what gets lost is the serendipity of finding all sorts of fascinating topics while searching for the object of your quest. Libraries as we knew them are becoming more and more of an endangered species. Be well,

Moon River said...

i regard Libraries as cathedrals

Haru said...

As a librarian, I feel guilty that the traditional feel of the library is fast disappearing. Just today in a meeting, we were discussing about getting rid of rows and rows of old copies of literary criticisms because they are now available online. But thank you for loving libraries. I love them too.