Friday, November 23, 2007

Ami Faytchevitz

Ami Faytchevitz a Master in water colors. in his recent exhibition at theheder gallery in Tel-aviv, he paints birds...not naive ones, (his images never are) but what a splendor!(images are not good quality) so i've chosen to share some of his earlier works.

An Image from the Desert Generation Exhibition

UntitledWater Color On Paper70cm x50 cm

Water Color On Paper30cm x 20cm

Water Color On Paper57cm x 50cm 2004

UntitledWater Color On Paper70cm x 50cm


Jorge said...

Evocative images! I love watercolors, and these are quite unusual, but powerful. Be well,

Princess Haiku said...

These watercolors have a startling originality and vision. I wonder what the artist is like. Have you been to this gallery?

Moon River said...

I've seen his recent exhibition, he's got an interesting vision of things indeed,

try look at the gallery here:
(look for Ami Faytchevitz)

and also here:

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dear,
I will go visit. Thanks. The Bowie song is great. Love is wild and also like the wind.

For some reason the other videos you posted aren't opening tonight. Must be something glitchy with Blogger. I found them very poignant, moving, sad. I suppose this is how love usually is. but sadly so..

Moon River said...

Sweet Princess, i have no idea what is wrong with the videos, but i'll try to upload them again. if only for you and me :)

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you darling.