Tuesday, December 04, 2007

facing IT

by Jorma Puranen

UNTITLED, 2005 silver print105 x 248 cm

UNTITLED, 2005 silver print120 x 146 cm,

UNTITLED, 2002 silver bromide print mounted on aluminium122 x 154 cm,

UNTITLED, 2004 silver bromide print mounted on aluminium120 x 150 cm,


Taccia said...

Oddly many believe simplicity to be just that: simple, often with an implication of simplistic. Actually, it can be the most challenging and difficult form of many expressions. As in the works of T. Ando, C. Twombly, R. Motherwel, M. Kenna etc. Years ago Wolf claimed "Less is a Bore". Wolf of course was himself a bore. You've got a wonderful eye Moon.

Moon River said...

we think a like, as far as the challenging form of expressions that 'simplicity'is. the more i go the more i seek for it, notonly in art forms, but in real life as well.

love Cy Twombly's art
did'nt know the art by Robert Motherwel, till you've mentioned it, and from what i've seen so far, it touches me

thanks for your kind words

are you an artist or a seeker of beauty like me? :)

Taccia said...

I've never posted anything on the web before, being rather private but I have included a favorite work by Motherwell on my first attempt. You may want to have a look at my Less... post. Regards / Taccia

Anonymous said...

Oooh! These are nice!

Taccia said...

Hello Moon River /
A lot of people call me an artist but I have to confess I'm not always comfortable with that term. Actually I believe all people respond to life in their own way and that expression does indeed at times approach something one might call an art form. As for myself, I do what I can to respect what I experience. Beyond that, I don't believe I'm in a position to label much of anything. Regards / Taccia.

lafcadio said...

2 of my favorite artists mentioned above: Twombly and Ando. Moon does have a wonderful eye.

Princess Haiku said...

Dear Moon,
Encircled by all this silver I most admit that tonight I don't like the notion of "facing it." Or anything. I say it's time for a peripatetic travel through dream land.

Jorge said...

Reminds me why I love B&W photography! Be well,

Livia Salome Gnos said...

I still always like your references... Just discovered that even Not Vital figures on your page... Thanks Moon River

Ori said...

Hello Moon River,
You've become something of a curator for me. A link you your post sits on my Favorites, and every once in awhile I stroll down the "galleries". S, thanks.

You might want to look over BIRGITTA LUND's work. Not much there, but it's at: http://www.birgittalund.com/pages/portfolios.htm
Sadly the pages cannot be enlarged.


moon said...

thanks Ori.