Monday, December 24, 2007

Spiral Lands

Geyer's Spiral Lands is a work of photographic and textual historiography that investigates the longest struggle for social justice in North America today - the dispossession of lands from American Indians by colonization, governmentality, capitalist development, and flat out force and violence.

Andrea Geyer - Spiral Lands ( 2007) installation with fiber based photographs and text (17 frames 70 x 175cm, 2 frames 70 x 230cm), brochure with footnotes


Joe Moran said...


(Vera) don't know how else to tell you this! Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy the full moon tonight and Mars!

Happy ho ho!!

Very Respectfully,

Joe Moran
Kansas City, Mo.

Moon River said...

Joe, and a happy Christmas to you 2!
now that you know my name
come and join me at facebook

haven't seen the full moon tonight but had a lovely night just the same:)

McTell said...

Looking at the pictures, it struck me like a bolt out of the blue. The Peak has got to be "Ship-Rock".
Very special land to the Navjo's and off limits to all else. About one hour outside of Farmingtion New Mexico,(btw) the home of Demi Moore, the actress. Got lost on my way back to Farmington in 1997, noticed the sun was setting over my right shoulder, meaning my direction was south, suppose to be north......
Best of the New Year to you and your family........