Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cornelia Schleime

Hunting a Duck Acrylic, Shellac and asphalt lacquer on linen 200x 180 cm 2007

Selbst porträt als Blinde Kuh 1996,Acryl, Schellack, Asphaltlackauf Leinen,145 x 120 cm

Frost 1997-98, Acryl auf Leinen, 140 x 120 cm

Mit Stock und Hut 2005 Tusche, Bütten,58 x 77 cm

Flotter Dreier 2005 Tusche, Bütten,58 x 77 cm

Sophie 2002, Acryl, Schellack, Asphaltlac kauf Leinen,200 x 160 cm

from the series

more here and here


Princess Haiku said...

Such a pensive expression. Makes you wonder what she is thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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Mist stock und hut is really disturbing only a complete pervy can paint stuff like that, it makes me puck

Anonymous said...

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