Monday, January 14, 2008

Harry Callahan

Atlanta 1984

via elsewherecommunities


David said...

I studied photogarphy with Harry Callahan at RISD in the early 70's. He was a lovely guy. This is a beautiful photo which I haven't seen before. It's probably his wife, Eleanor, who was his main subject and inspiration.

Moon River said...

you're lucky!
he must have been a very special teacher. his portraits as well as his landscapes are breath taking

David said...

Everyone always said he wasn't such a great teacher. In fact he was a quiet man, not very verbal, but very influential nevertheless because of his friendly presence, his work, his love for photography. He and Aaron Siskind were there together during that time - I had classes with both. Aaron was a very different personality - gregarious, somewhat imperious. I think they were great friends. We all followed in their footsteps around Providence, R.I. shooting the same things. I guess that was a way of learning.