Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Larry Clark

Larry ClarkUntitled, 1971 Black and white photograph 35.6 X 27.9 cm


Yuval said...

I'm enjoying your curating feats and gave your blog a mention on my own blog today. "To Let Myself Go" is especially stunning, the Martin Klimas figurines are smashing and that Alec Soth photo is special too. Thanks for all.

Stephen said...

cover of Tulsa



Moon River said...

Hi Yuval, i'm happy you enjoyed my quests, and i took the time to read the first chapter from your book, the one that talks about your traveling at the south of the USA. while i do virtual tours, you seem to be the real traveler :)

Stephen, indeed very strong photos by Clark. have you seen some of his movies? i find them hard to watch, but what an amazing quality of imagery!

Stephen said...

Hello again, I've seen Ken Park and Kids and I would have to agree absolutely, there is not much I can even say about them. It is still his photographs that have resonated with me the most, as there is no story or movement to hide the emptiness of the subjects' lives. I was able to find most of them through a college interlibrary loan system.

Are you familiar with Harmony Korine? He wrote several scripts for Clark's films and has gone on to make several of his own films. I've found his work to be extremely worthwhile.

Amazing blog, this is one of the few art blogs that I check regularly as I am always pleased by what I see.