Saturday, January 26, 2008

philosophy of art and emotion

ABC Radio National's The Philosopher's Zone takes a look at the philosophy of art and emotion.

"..expresstion is essential for art. the romantic are the first people to say it is the praimery thing...they put an immense stress on the power of emotion, and trusted it so much that they neglagted other part... drama and intensity rather then wisdom. if we hold on that the romantic had problem..they lived in sociaty that had problem with dealing with question of the art -that is why the stream of emotion in this art feeted in... today -our problem is not how do we get more release of emotion today - today our concerns is more to do with coping with emotions, we moved on education of emotion-the civilisation of emotion. when we talk about art and emotion are we talking about art as expression of the artist emotion? or...the creation of a work of art is so unlikly to be crystelised and frame only on one state of mind... the aritst feels we feel it in his art- when you said a work is expressive or gloomy -it doesn't make us gloomy neceserily, but rather, it is partialy imagining this emotion....we feel that we are in the presence of this emotion... rembrand.."

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