Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sketch for Forgettance

A short poem by Arakawa {Internationally renown painter, performance artist, film maker, author and architect active in the USA}.at inbetweennoise set me for a quest for his visual works seen at the Feldman Gallery and at the Viviane Bregman Fine Art .

Is As It: Blind Intentions II Etching: aquatint & handcolor on paper 56.5 x 76 cm 1982-1983

Is As It: Blind Intentions V, Etching: aquatint & handcolor on paper 56.5 x 76 cm 1982-1983

The Gazing Other, 1984-85 oil and acrylic on canvas 2 panels, 100 x 68 inches each 8 feet 4 inches x 11 feet 4 inches overall

Study for "Blank Stations",1980-81 paint, colored pencil and collage on paper42 x 72 inches

Blank Dots, 1982 acrylic on canvas90 x 138 inches

Waiting Places out of Blank Numbers,1981-82 acrylic on canvas3 panels, 132 x 80 inches eachoverall: 11 x 20 feet

Study for Blank, 1980 acrylic, colored pencil, graphite, watercolor 37 ½ x 64 ½ inches

Degrees of Return, 1975 acrylic on canvas2 panels, 110 x 77 inches each

Sketch for Forgettance #5,1974 pencil on paper29 1/2 x 41 1/2 inches

Or Space, 1978-80 acrylic and oil on canvas 80 x 132 inches


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I posted something for you, Moon dearest.

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I followed the links this time to the remarkable world beneath.