Thursday, March 06, 2008

How To Be Human

Jesse Pasca seeks to explore a truer picture of the internal and external landscapes that we experience every day, by examining certain qualities that he examine each day such as 'Accept Love', 'Be aware of boundaries', 'Breathe', etc

"Arab-Israeli Conflict" - jesse pasca

"... In the same way that our inner landscape can change slowly over time without our realizing it, our external landscape is being transformed...The physical manifestations of the stock markets fluctuations and the internal charting of qualities that I use to “

become more human” are landscapes to examine the "invisible" bargains we all have made that affect the paths we choose and the actual physical landscape, horizon and place we call Earth."

"Spurious Nature of Private Property" - Jesse Pasca

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Jesse's Musings said...

Just- letting you know- my gender is male, but thank you!! that's my outdated blog sort of... i don't publish my many writings , just too busy. The "Spurious Nature of Private Property" was most likely sold last night to a major collector, and a personal favorite of mine. please feel free to contact me anytime directly-

moon said...

happy for you!
and sorry for mistaking you for a girl :)

Jesse's Musings said...

Hi Moon! just launched a new website- (things are continuing well)!! Thank you for your work out here!