Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hand embroideries

Loredana Sperini and if you liked her works, here's a link to a large pdf file of her wonderful works

Tatjana 2005, hand embroidery on cotton

untitleled 2003, hand embroidery on cotton (detail) 40x41 cm


Martha Miller said...

These are gorgeous. Where and How do you find all the wonderful work on your blog? You are like one of those people who can walk into a store filled with racks and racks of clothing and just reach in and find the few best items as if with radar...

Cuttlefish said...

Off topic, but I did not see an email for you-- I can't remember whether I saw these already on your gorgeous blog, but you might be interested in this: http://scienceblogs.com/bioephemera/2008/03/handheld_gps_the_victorian_bet.php



Livia Salome Gnos said...

moon, do you know Ghada Amer?