Monday, July 14, 2008

Alex Kanevsky

Alex Kanevsky PARLOR GAMES. FD (altered) 48 x 24, K.B. 48 x 24

K.B. with Chair 2007 20 x 20

via territoiredessens


Karuna said...

I love these nudes. I stumbled on your blog while searching for something completely different. What a wonderful & interesting array of art! How did you find all this? Are you an artist yourself? Thank you!

Kate said...

have you seen Jenny Saville's work....? very similar painterly motions and expression.. Simply stunning. And an amazing collection thus far.. I am a regular viewer! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work!!

Moon River said...

Hi Karuna,
i'm no artist my self.
i am attracted and love to see/observe/joy art/images that provokes in me sentiments/thought

i'm a pornographer of artistic expressions

Moon River said...

HI Kate

i knew a little of Jenny Saville's works
especially the one that reminded me of Rembrandt/Bacon images of a meat like piece hanged...her imagery are quit disturbing adding to it their large format. i'm not sure i'm connected in the good sense to it, i would have loved to see them life though

Kate said...

Yes Jenny Saville's work can be deeply disturbing.. yet crafted and considered - and beautiful for that. I love, though, this work where the space and the figure are blurred.. one almost becoming the other in harmony of colour and strokes.
Getting carried away, perhaps...

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