Tuesday, September 09, 2008

'The moon over on the tree'

sadly, i can't credit rightfully the author of this digital photograph, for this photo is from a site all in Greek. but couldn't resist this cypress with the moon's halo

'The moon over on the tree'

thanks Spiros


Spiros said...


It so happens I'm Greek and a big fan of MOON RIVER :-)

The photo is credited to the username `dimitris_xan', which makes me assume the first name of the photographer is Dimitris - a common Greek name. The title of the photograph is "The moon over on the tree" so I think the phallic mention you have is not quite what he wanted to pass through. It was taken for a colored picture contest with no subject constraint.

Unfortunately, it did not score that good since the majority of comments below mention that it was worth a much higher score. I will chime in and say conrgats and good work!

hope this helps,
Spiros Denaxas

moon said...

thanks Spiros Denaxas!

Moon River said...

still, i think and feel it's phallic qualities :)

Gillena Cox said...

looks like an eclipsing moon

much love

Princess Haiku said...

The moon is nearly full tonight and no spire available to penetrate it's essence. Just a moon. a moon a moon.