Monday, November 24, 2008

Maybe Maybe Not

Christopher Wool Maybe Maybe Not 2003 Enamel and silkscreen ink on linen, 108" x 72"

Christopher Wool, Untitled 2006 Enamel on linen, 104" X 78"

Untitled 1995 Enamel on aluminum, 84" X 60"

Untitled 1991 Alkyd on paper, 52" X 40"


Stephen said...

Dear Moon, I scrolled down to Frank Zappa and Duke of Prune. What a great array of images you have posted here. I met Frank Zappa in Frankfurt Germany in 1968 just before a concert. He was very personable and polite. Though much shorter in stature than one imagines. I am very glad that you left a comment here and it made my day, as it were, for life is not about time but moments spent well in time. Though half a world away you know. As ever be well. Stephen Craig Rowe

Princess Haiku said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, dearest. It is amazing how we have touched each others lives from across the world. I have something that I want to mail you. Could you email me as I lost your address when my last computer crashed?

BTW Blogger has a new feature to add to your blog template. "Blogs I Follow" or something like that. If you add that then others can see your postings on their spaces. It's cool.

BTW These are great images.

You and Stephen are my oldest Blogger Friends.