Friday, January 02, 2009

Jeremy Chance's, figures paintings. a mix of abstraction with a figurative research - that i find so very touching and beautiful and fresh. It is certainly an Artist i would love to follow in years to come.

Bitmap 2008 Acrylic and Acrylic Transfer on Canvas 24 x 30 Inches

Mapless Spineless 2008 Oil on Canvas 44" × 36"

Untitled 2007 Oil On Canvas

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Bill said...

Hi, remeber me?? McTell2. Been following your blog for a couple of years. Me truely enjoy oils, love the tactical feeling, and these in particular. I've just open me a account with this blog site. Been w/MSN forever, but enough is enough, the navigation is becoming just a bit too diffcult. Although I will keep me accout w/them, some of my friends and I are migrating to here. Take care. And TY for provideing a avenue that is worthy of bloging on....being this blog venue.
Your publishing here is and remains, "Top Notch".
McTell2.....and/or Bill
Ne account is open here....much work to do in the "long run".