Thursday, August 20, 2009

mapping memories

photos that were taken with cell phone, while walking, Israel 2009.

Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Apil 2009 Tel-Gezer, April 2009


Cuttlefish said...

Sorry for off-topic, but I could not find an email addy for you. I thought you would like this:,26637,5059733-5007153,00.html#

Moon River said...

thanks, it is intereting

Princess Haiku said...

Dearest Moon,
I am always happy to hear from you.

I have been preoccupied with the difficulties in my country and thinking that I need to leave California.

Have you left ghostly imprints on this landscape? Are these your photos?

Moon River said...

hello princess,those landscapes left ghostly imprints in me...took them during this year, while walking with a person i love so very much