Sunday, August 09, 2009

Root Ubris by Andrey Lev

Andrey Lev at the Florentin45 Contemporary Art Space

The enigma in Andrey Lev’s paintings in un solvable. The mixture of representation of imaginary plants along side detailed description of body organ's parts whom all are orchestrated over delicate figurative traditional oil painting (such as the second image below) is best to remain enigmatic.

Andrey Lev, Root Ubrism oil and markers and poliortan on mezonitem 75x75 cm, 2006

It has so much the charms of a delicate piece of precious jewelry and at the same time kind of depth that can Take me into spiritual, mental, intellectual journy. Into comprehending this matrix of worlds, kaleidoscopic words, meanings and concepts

Andrey Lev, Botanicam oil and markers and poliortan on wood 70x45 cm, 2006


McTell said...

Hi and Hello Moon. Long time since me visited.. Andrey Lev , his work here is just a so very much enjoy, an thank you for publishing and informing of his work.
Take care and be well, your friend, Bill. you have proven over the years, your Blog is special, and so many ways of information of the "Arts".......indeed a very broad subject you have the "knack" of fulfilling...........TU.

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