Friday, September 25, 2009

Glory Scarfs

by Shane Sakkeus Jonathan Zawada Inspired by nature, science and mathematics. Each scarf is mathematically valid fractal, painstakingly created by entering a series of numbers and equations into a computer, creating a potentially infinite variety of form, colour and detail. This process means each individual scarf is based upon a completely unique equation and can never be replicated. As in nature.

via today and tomorrow


Princess Haiku said...

How amazing dear, Moon.

I have been thinking of you with concern and worried too. In the midst of darkening clouds I leave you a small flower.

Not been blogging lately. Recovering from bronchitis. Alas, I am not a hardy flower but I do survive and like a humming bird am off to visit my favorite blooms.

Moon River said...

hello Princess, i am here more then before as you can see, thanks for stopping by.