Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Brief and easy History of Urban form

(partly from notes on the Urban Development as Counterinsurgency lecture by John Duda of the Baltimore Free School)

Grids as a simple way to control the landscape – Stars as a spiky outer shell – Cracks as the fabric within the shell is compressed and densified – Networks as this dense fabric is reopened and ventilated – Flows for the density to drain further – Softness of the regulatory and fiscal pressures that continue to drive the flow – Holes open up as the fabric is vacated …

and now, the dominant formal strategy seems to be all about the infilling or refilling of those holes, along with the repurposing of the scrap left behind.

this text was taken from sevensixfive .

images by Matthew Daren Shlian

pen, 19 x 25 inches (each) 2008

images via interesting site but does it float

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