Monday, October 12, 2009


Amie DICKE, Decapitate, 2007 Mixed media sculpture - Plaster, plastic, black ink marker on shelf20 x 2 0x 30 cm


goatman said...

I am not sure I could have this one around the house for very long . . .
I love your art presentations and thank you for your efforts at posting them on your wonderful blog.They are appreciated by many I am sure.
You posted an Andrey Lev "Root Ubris" work awhile back which was described as having been done on "mesonitem". The Google couldn't help me with this word; I was hoping that you may know what this substance could be. Or is it just a makeup word from the artist?

Moon River said...

Hello there,
thanks for liking what i love :)
about the beautiful enigmatic work of Andre Lev, forgive me for this mistake, I meant that the painting is made over Masonite - it is a kind of wooden chips that are being glued and pressed very strong in order to become a block like or a board of wood that is being used in furniture industry or for many other uses such as plywood

goatman said...

AAAh, masonite, I know it well. Smooth on one side and really rough on the other. (Very thin, maybe 1.8") I can see why painters like the smooth side but seems as if the paint or oil would crack if the board is flexed???
Many thanks for your answer; and your beautiful posts.

goatman said...

Sorry, that should be 1/8" thick.