Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rose of Bread

Amon Yariv, Rose of bread, color print, 90x72 cm, 2006

Rose of Bread, explains Amon Yariv is made of Bread on a wire.

The flower is in a plastic bottle, the water are yellowish because of the wire's rust. Yariv is telling about what prisoners, coming from old Russia where doing while in prison. They were using plain bread and kneading it, leaving it in water for few days, afterward they were coloring it and flattening it into small red and green leaves. Then they were assembling the "flower" head on a wire and when their Girl Friends came to visit they hand it as a gift.


Princess Haiku said...

This post is sad as well as hopeful. Love does find it's way into the light. I am feeling a little better. Sometimes time just needs to past.

Moon River said...

love as an act of giving, communicating, brings that light and hope and beauty, yes.

good to hear you are doing better dear