Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alice Coltrane - Turiya & Ramakrishna

what a gracious moon howl dance -

I LOVE IT, Brings in me




via Joseph Vento


sroden said...

between this piece by alice coltrane (whom i was lucky to see perform a year or so before she passed away) and sylvian's brilliant trees, we share two favorite pieces of music... :-)

(also, thanks for commenting on glow, sometime this week i'll try to post some video...)

Moon River said...

seems to me we share more then two favorite pieces of music.
there is something i can not define in your art that clinch and ecos in me, deeply :)

sroden said...

sorry, no facebook, but if you email me - i'll send you the large image of the snowball, no problem. (p.s. it is really nice there are no images on this alice coltrane track...)

sroden said...

just to tell you, the piece at palais de tokyo is only accessible via the web and/or cellphone... nothing in the actual space.

sroden said...

also in regards to the museum of everything in london, if you don't know the john soane museum, you should see it. totally wonderful.