Monday, September 20, 2010


The Split sereis of photographs by Meirav Heiman was taken during 2003 at various places throughout Israel. meirav heiman

Wadi Khadav , 2003, C Print, 150X120 cm.

"Heiman's decision to thus poistion herself in relation to the landscape creates a basic situation where she dominates the environment through the presence of her body, through her pose, and through the foreign colorfulness that she brings with her. But at the same time, the specific pose she has chosen places her in the landscape horizontally, spread out, present but also stuck. As it is not a simple position, and it does not allow any movement, it transforms her, to a point, from being an active subject dominating the landscape into a passive object located in it." sais Hadas Maor at the text she wrote for the exhibition.


Landy said...

Strange. But looks interesting.

Moon River said...

why strange?
following the series, one can find himself absorbed by this gesture of a woman open up to the observer as well as give her self in a kind of surrender to attained nature, yet keeping some kind of heroic self to her self and glorifying nature and human simultaneously...