Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ad Reinhardt, Abstract Painting, 1960–66. Oil on canvas, 60 × 60 in. (152.4 × 152.4 cm).

Ad Reinhardt, Abstract Painting, 1960–66. Oil on canvas, 152.4 × 152.4 cm


Bart Treuren said...

This painting had me laughing at myself and my expectations :-)

Moon River said...

please let me know more about those expectations of yours :)

Bart Treuren said...

When I see a painting, I expect to see something. At first, I saw nothing and then I began to see, quietly and vaguely, the image arising from the background for me.

I laughed at myself because I expected something and my first reaction was one of disappointment and puzzlement, although I considered that a dark-coloured space was interesting in itself.

And then I wondered about why I wanted something to be there, while emptiness has a beautiful quality of its own and suddenly it dawned upon me that I was reinventing this whole painting by my own wishes and preconceptions, which had very little to do with what the painter had made at all.

Thank you for this intriguing work of art :-)

Moon River said...

and thank you dart
foe you expressing your feelings and thought to this art work.

you reassured and contributed to my believe at the universal similarities of the effects of art upon human soul

onírica said...

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