Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tsibi Geva - Black Narcissus

"The gaze directed at Tsibi Geva's works is swallowed by a void. by absence. By the missing body. The various flowers that appear in Geva's works are all poisoned, black, dripping, hollowed-out flowers. these flowers are not withered, but rather imbued with strange, repellent, barren quality." Curator Hadas Maor, for Tsibi Geva's catalog "Mound of Things" works and projects 1982-2008, Tel Aviv Museum.

I L O V E Geva's Narcissus. I regard it also as a sort of contemplation over self love {narcissism} and self-portrait issues. A theme israeli artists fail sometime to manifest. And Geva's series of Flowers, Thorns and Birds offers a unique gaze, like a delicate Haiku poem, over this theme.

Tsibi Geva

Tsibi Geva, Narcissus, 1989 , miexed media and collage on wood panel,120x90


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Eerie. I also like that the reflected image of the flower is not reversed as expected, as if to warn that what we see in the mirror is not the real picture.
Powerful work.

Moon River said...

Indeed it is eerie and so very beautiful!
And i loved your observation about the mirroring and the questions it arose regarding what is the "real" image, what is real? What is faked..
this reflected flower is not in fact the mirroring the "major" flower, but it is on it's own
The hole in the center, hidden, suggestive, make this doubled flower imageries to have a special immobile centrifugal tension that is almost threatening or forcing all the composition to collapse into this black hole, while the structure of diagonal lines create some kind of powerful- Omnipotent –elevated shape that makes all of the composition to hover inside a void of clearness and sharpness abstraction

Like a prayer