Friday, September 02, 2011

Celestial Bodies

By Amon Yariv, 2011, color print, 180x120 cm, now showing at the

Rosenfeld gallery for contemporary art Tel Aviv

Amon Yariv 2011


sroden said...

thanks so much for the cilio piece. i have to say it is kind of strange and wonderful to receive it. strange because when i first heard it, maybe 8 years or so ago, it reminded me so much of the music i thought someday i would make, and it really felt like some unknown touchstone - like meeting a relative you didn't know you had. i really feel such a deep connection and sympathy to the record, and for that tmoment i must've listened to it a hundred times. and the part that is wonderful is simply that the music is so unbelievably human and so wholeheartedly beautiful. thank you. thank you. thank you.

Moon River said...

steven, i am so happy you love it, and knows it
and when, i heard it for the first time only few months ago, i was thinking about your sound installation... said...

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