Thursday, September 15, 2011

You are all red, and so very white

by, Eti Esther Naor Eti Esther Naor

Detail view from the Installation.

This wonderful, powerful exhibition, takes place from today at Florentin 45, in Tel Aviv.

Red wax stalactites drip out of hanging white gauze clothes, creating a poignant sculptural installation. The work captures the viewer within its wall, leading him into the heart of an unresolved experience: Is it an outdoor news-breaking violence scene, or is it an opening to a place of inner pain that spreads out like an ancient landscape, wishing to touch the indescribable? Ei Esther Naor continues to explore in her new work the different manners in which matter can embody evasive contradicting feelings as eroticism, fear, beauty and suffering. Through matter she creates a fantasy space which brings up the duality of the feminine experience while seeking to undermine the possibility for a single emotional and conceptual interpretation. (text by curator Irena Gordon)


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