Sunday, May 20, 2012


Photographs and Videos

Daphna Westerman, Hanna Sahar, Tali Navon, Yehuda Altmann,
Michal Bar-Or, Flore Imbert, Sivan Reuven, Adi Bezalel, Roi Kuper

Curators: Vera Pilpoul, Yehuda Altmann
Opening: Thursday, 25.5.2012, 12:00
The exhibition will run until 17.6.2012

The stones in 'Kedumim (“ancient”) Square' are slippery. Open your eyes carefully to keep your balance. Walk fast, no shades, Napoleon walked here, Arabs, Jews and Christians, mixed city on the mediterranean shore line. It’s calm.
Daydream. A hill saturated with history, anger, fear and sadness.
It is a loaded square. For sale – sunglasses: pink, black and gray; fake golden and silver jewellery; black and white and colored landscape photos; souvenirs, relicts of all religions; orange-carrots juice, pomegranate, strawberry banana mix; too sweet.

Hanna Sahar

The stairs to 'Marchav Gallery' are steep. Please hold the banister.
Watch your head entering space with old, curvy sand stone walls.
It used to be a home.
This inconvenient space for art (not `white cube`) becomes a catalyst of exploring and thinking. Camera shuts - a bridge is open for you, dear spectator - between the shown images and the inner thinking of the creator and the curator.

Daphna Westerman

The photographs and the videos are commentaries, readings of realities alongside exposure of thoughts and experiences.
This exhibition is based on the idea of revealing those layers of experience that can interpreted reverse: what we see and what we think we see.

Tali Navon

Combining documentation and fiction creates and evokes a sense of recollection.This prism of awareness leads to a visual dialect defined by the technique.
The photographs and running images function in a dynamic manner - mediating between dualities of private and general observation.
The visuals born from intimacy, the individual's state of mind:
Yes, something is bothering out there.

Roi Kuper

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