Monday, August 28, 2006

Free Territorry

I was touched very much by the work of artist Igor Tosevski, (living in Republic of Macedonia) and i'm honored that he let me post some of his work in here, and had explained about his concepts:

The Free Territories are conceived as traps for free spontaneous performative expression. They are in fact templums in whose borders any act, gesture, action/no-action or even shadow becomes a pure conceptual artistic action, echoing in space as a haiku whisper. This was based on an arrangement between the passerby and myself and achieved by means of various flyers and ads in the local newspapers and in the form of a Declaration of Free Territory.

The locations I saw suitable for creating the Free Territories were parts of the public spaces that maintain an undefined status, a kind of “no-man’s land” or neutral zones within the city scape. They were created consecutively. Outlined in yellow paint, their numbers grow by the day. Some were renewed while the others were left to fade away quietly under the footsteps of the crowd or the rain. None of them were made to last. They are all around us in the urban landscape existing also as an attempt to fill in the gap in the harmony of the specified site or perhaps - to create a new one.

Every single object or action caught within the borders of the Territory becomes an art-object, ready-made or social sculpture. Respectfully, every passerby is a potential performance artist, a poet of gesture or a creative activist.

Free Territories are pockets of creative freedom where the choice of the individual sways over the dominant vulgarity of politics. They represent junctions along the road to the essential state of Art. They are enclaves of social expression. Therefore, in the Free Territory there are no limitations or restrictions of any kind.

I see the Free Territory as an opportunity for each individual to act as an artist. Stepping over the Territory becomes an act of the subtlest nature; within the yellow line, each uttered word, whisper or even thought becomes an autonomous conceptual action equal to Ives Klein’s leap into empty void.


Princess Haiku said...

Dear Moon,
Do you know this artist, personally? How did you get permission to post his work here? When I look at the eye of the circles I can visualize myself standing there playing by flute.

La da dum da da dum la da dummmmmmmmmmm.

The space is so provocative. It invites one to fill it up with oneself. What would you do in the space, Moon darling?

Moon River said...

you said it so well!: "It invites one to fill it up with oneself."

i feel the same!

Princess Haiku said...

Do you remember the entry you posted about a Bay Area installation artist? I was thinking it would be fun to visit them and take some photos but forgot who the artist is. You had a link.

Princess Haiku said...

Often I think of "place" as where I am not. Perhaps this is RequiemPlace- where I cannot be and where I am not lost.

Princess Haiku said...

I have difficulty in reading/viewing linear; in moving forward on a person's blog rather than in all directions. How do I even know that you read these comments? When one procedes straight ahead in all directions one never knows the result of that kind of dance. it is an intuitive way of life perhaps.