Monday, September 04, 2006

The fascination of maps

"The fascination of maps as humanly created documents is found not merely in the extent to which they are objective or accurate. It also lies in their inherent ambivalence and in our ability to tease out new meanings, hidden agendas, and contrasting world views from between the lines on the image"
J. B. Harley

Les sources du Nil, Ibn Hawqal, Manuel de géographie. Fin Xe siècle. Copie du XVIe siècle d'après un manuscrit de 1443-1444

La Terre au centre des sphères de l'univers, Gossuin de Metz, L'Image du monde de. Copie du XIIIe siècle


Princess Haiku said...


pk said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've moved or are in the process of moving (I saw the technorati thingy).

I love your taste and you find wonderful stuff Moon but the myspaces site: UGGGHHH!!! -- I couldn't visit much because it always crashed my browser. I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how. That doesn't matter now.

Excellent! *off to subscribe*

pk said... is a present for moving! (Portolan/'portulan' maps) --- sorry if you've seen it but I'm pretty sure it's new.

Princess Haiku said...

Awaiting the Moon,
Soon darkness falls again and she hasn't visited my labyrinth photos yet.

Moon River said...

thanks Pk

Princess - i'm on my way 2u

Princess Haiku said...

Dearest Moon,
I am very happy that you enjoyed my photos of the Witch Project.I tried to see it through your eyes too and felt that your spirit was with me. As a wind blew up and flashed my hair gold in the sun, I felt that I was a spark belonging to the greater universe beyond. It gives one such a sense of freedom, space and eternity. I am going to visit again before the end of Fall and take more detailed photos. My camera batteries were fading and I didn't get the colors I wanted. More to follow though. You will enjoy my next entry also as it involves another kind of journey. Take care dear one.