Sunday, September 03, 2006

seven maps

When filmmaker/videoblogger Daniel Liss challenged himself to make 7 videos in 7 days, he also challenged his online audience to collaborate with him in the process. His daily assignments came from viewers of his videoblog who determined where, about what and how he should make each video.

Each day, they posted an assignment and each day Daniel posted a video in response. Then came praise and criticism in the comments of each day’s videoblog post.

The process took him miles from home, he told personal stories, invented new narratives, and played more than a few tricks on his guiding/goading audience.

His first assignment - "Make a video about journeys, transportation, dislocation, confusion. This one is all about departures and arrivals."( i didn't find it his best assignment, he got much better later on :-), took him to this journy: departs New York (La Guardia) at 7:59am. arrives in Buffalo NY 9:20am. from there, Daniel takes a bus trip across to Niagra Falls.

For this video he was given the assignment: “Today, you are a local. Trick us into believing that you are a local. Tell us a story about your history.” I liked this one, and his narrator voice telling the hallucinating story made me laugh add to that the beautiful images.

The entire Seven Maps series can be seen here

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