Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fictional Realities

works by Jeremy Kidd "My current fascination with the drama of the modern urban scene has led to an awareness of the human need to create dramatic architectural monoliths. These structures appear to intentionally rival elements of the vast, majestic western American landscape; where monolithic rock formations and sweeping canyons create such a sense of awe. I experience a similar feeling standing in front of, or more often driving, around any number of American downtown skylines. It has become increasingly apparent as I manipulate images of buildings and elements within my photographic panoramas that I have a need to impose a subjective vision within my chosen scene and present an idealization of the viewing process. "

Fictional Realities; Crystal 2, 2005archival print on aluminum cut to profile image, 108" x 90"

works by Jeremy Kidd and here, and in artist's site

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Princess Haiku said...

These are beautiful and capture the enormity, all encompassing feel of the urban landscape. It is like being in a concrete bowl in a way. This is how I see these pictures.