Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Solitude of Ravens

The Solitude of Ravens. Photographs by Masahisa Fukase. In the wake of his divorce in 1976, Masahisa Fukase saw by chance a picture of a flock of crows which crystallised images of solitude and death appropriate to his sombre mood at the time.

Fukase began to photograph crows in snow and at night, where the birds are either symbolic of death or have died themselves. The pattern of their black silhouettes in the sky resembles a cluster of brushstrokes in a traditional Japanese sumi-e calligraphic painting. Masahisa Fukase's Ravens series was to occupy him for ten years.

From the series 'Ravens', 1975-85 Gelatin-silver print 21.5 x 32.5cmF

Masahisa Fukase Shibuya, 1985gelatin silver print16 x 20"

A review on The Solitude of Ravens

via the space in between - who have this love for birds photography works by the artist


Lorena said...

always interesting posts. cool photographs.

glad you joined the blogspot world :) and thanks for the lovely comment you left!

hope all is well in your world.

p.s. i always think of you when i see all these creative map ideas..can you still access your other site? there were so many things i wanted to catch up on from your posts :)

Bill said...

A much welcome blog on such a day, long hours, little reward, till this appeared. The solitude of Ravens. As a child, in the summer we waited during the evening as the "chimmey sweeps" flocked from a tree, still there 30 years later, and left for their rounds at dusk.

Joe Moran said...


I love those big black birds. Ravens, crows, whatever. In Missouri the crows are HUGE! And I've heard of a guy who nursed a wounded crow back to health and kept it for a pet. It started talking, like a parrot. WOW!

Also found out that the birds love shiney things, like rings and bottle caps and coins. The birds keep them in their nest. Oh, man.

Cool birds. And especially good on Holloween. Nevermore!


Moon River said...

Lorena - happy to know you remember :)and yes, you can still access my old place, and have a look at the maps (someone told me, that most of the maps i present leads to no where - i loved it :) )

I've heard strange stories about this bird...and have seen an amazing video -showing how clever it is....i got to find it

Princess Haiku said...

The "Solitude of Ravens" provokes a landscape of wild grief and unchartered depression. The symbolisim of the Raven is as frightening as it is fascination. As a child I loved the poem, "The Raven," by Edgar Allan Poe. "Into this darkness, I stood peering, dreaming dreams no mortal dare to dream............

Jean-Pierre said...

"Solitude of Ravens" great work but ravens and crows are not the same; if Fukase entitled this work as 'The Solitude of Ravens" why are comments and review even mention "crows"?

Liz said...

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