Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fish Tank Sonata

By Artist Arthur Tress:

St. Geroge Island, Florida,1989(A fine and frothy day...)

St. George Island, Florida, 1989 (Like a spawning fish ...)

Redono Beach, CA, 1989 (The volley ball captain...)


Stephen Craig Rowe said...

Dear Moon, Happy Hanukkah! I wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season. As ever be well. With love, Stephen

Bill said...

Hi, and good evening. When I saw the titles from St. George Island, nearly fell over, have a wonderful story to share or two or three. But for now, I am exhausted, on the read today for the better part of 14 hours, very productive in the long run, but time to sleep, for this day.
To tell the truth, never been there but am intimately familiar w/the island. The art work, as in so very much of your bloging is a treat for the eyes.......

Moon River said...

your poem is touching and soft as ever.

i remember back then, when i asked you to dedicate a poem to each and every full moon month, and so you did :)
this is beautiful

thank you


would lik you to tell a story or two...when ever ...

McTell said...

So it will be done Moon, in time, they are quite Amusing to say the least.
Will post later:
Best of the Holidays to you and your family also.

Anonymous said...

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