Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Bernard Faucon: Les Chambres d´amour

Sarah Hobbs selected works


linda said...

__________________I Have
_________________Come Here
________________To Wish You
_______________Merry Christmas
______________And Also, A Happy
_____________New Year To You For
____________2007... I Hope The New
___________Year Brings You Loads Of
__________Happiness And Good Health.
_________I Hope You Have A Nice Day On
________Christmas Day, Filled With Lots Of
_______Family Time.....And Of Course Eating
______Lots Of Nice Foods, And Candy’s. I Hope
_____That Santa Is Good To You As Well And He
___Brings You Loads Of Presents On Christmas Day
______________.`•.¸.(¨`•.•´¨) `•.¸.
________. ×`•.¸.•´×. (¨`•.•´¨)`•.¸`•.¸
_________________. .(¨`•.•´¨). .×`•.¸.
_________________,××`•.¸.•´×× .`•.¸

Dear Moon miss you very much, so here I am to wish you and your daughter a happy new year. I have been pondering on the laws of attraction, and the mayan calander, and thinking outside of the mind, with conscience and intuision. My best girlfriend for 17 years she just passed away, I was caring for her. It was a tough time to look death in the eye. She was 51. My health is so much better infact I rode my bike several miles just this weekend.
I am so lucky to have my health now. I am think good thoughts to bring good things too me....
this is laws of attraction.
and no more wishing, commanding and taking control of what I want to do on this planet. the univere will supply it , it is vast. I must finalize the outcome by feeling it so.....feelings are the most important thing. what we feel. all my love Linda kiss& hugs

Joe Moran said...

Happy Holidays Moon -- wherever you are...


Danieru said...

Happy Holidays indeed...

Did you know that Huge-Entity.com is up and running again? Hope to see you there soon