Friday, March 16, 2007

Jerusalem SKY is a web-based project being developed by Natsios Young Architects that supports migratory bird conservation efforts by extending the transparency of "open skies" initiatives to the project’s own information architecture. The digital image-maps presented below are proposed new bird’s-eye views of Jerusalem – in the form of graphical user interfaces that are orientation maps for SKY’s open architecture.

The synthetic image-maps are hypermedia portals accessible to the growing online public worldwide – the student, amateur, refugee, scientist, detainee or citizen with access to the world wide web. Icons embedded within SKY’s digital image-map narratives are hyperlinked to allow connective access to myriad online knowledge systems relating to bird migration, geospatial imaging, and conflict resolution – including databases, metadata, multimedia presentations of sound video, and image.

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Princess Haiku said...

This makes me think of a white heron I saw in a little stream a few days ago.

The scope of what you are presenting in your new pages is mind boggling. I see that you are revitalized. The cycles of renewal in blogging are quite interesting too. I am wondering if you can articulate this new surge of energy you have.

I feel that I am just finding my voice and do so hope you will visit my poetic sanctuary.