Friday, March 16, 2007


MigMap - A project in virtual catography – Mapping European Politics on Migration. MigMap was proposed as an artistic project in the context of TRANSIT MIGRATION and as contribution to the exhibition "Projekt Migration".

MigMap conveys a picture of how and where the production of knowledge is currently taking place in the area of migration – and of who is participating in and has access to it.

It looks, for example, at how European standards in politics and civil society are implemented, and at the authorities, persons and institutions taking part in this process. It examines how the various key players in the public and private spheres are interrelated and funded, as well as at the ways in which these spheres overlap or differ in terms of focus, location or personnel. Finally, it analyses how responsibilities are allocated and legitimised – and explores the theories, data and discourses upon which current paradigms in migration are based. The four maps “Key Players”, “Discourses”, “Europeanisation” and “Places + Practices” provide access to a broad range of information on players, debates, processes and events that together comprise Europe’s present day migration policies.

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Princess Haiku said...

Of particular interest to me is the correlation of knowledge and social policy. If there is one.