Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mapping knowledge

Genealogy of Pop/Rock Music :

Mapping Scientific Paradigms :

genealogical distribution of Knowledge based on the French Encyclopedie from 1780:

The print below is a reproduction of an antique print created by Isaac Eddy and James Wilson in 1813. It maps the chronology of history from 4000 bc to 1813 ad in the form of a large, living tree with each branch representing an empire or state.

via visualcomplexity


d. chedwick bryant said...

This post is super! I love your blog.


Nathan said...

Do you know the work of Mark Lombardi? It relates to this post. Here:

Princess Haiku said...

Moon Dearest,
I am in the mood for a map of an exotic train route. I feel confined by my own thoughts tonight. Where will this poet wander?

Princess Haiku said...

We need poetry, Moon. I will be perusing my book shelf and posting a poem that I love. It is like sharing a glass of champagne isn't it? Where is Pessoa when we need him or did I mean Alexander Search? :)

Moon River said...

d. chedwick bryant

i have come only recently to know your blog, by princess haiku blog...all your perfume descriptions left me diZZy :)


I've know your longing for a exotic train route for some time now, and i have to say, this is one of the things i haven't manage to find for you ...yet....i can almost small it, feel it, see it...but i haven't been able to find it (and i tried...)
Pessoa is one of my favorite, as you know, i'll always be delighted to read his poetry, i'll be coming to visit you....Alexander-you mean pope? :)

hi Nathan,

i know Mark Lombardi's flow graphs, and i believe his graphic-political-art has influenced both artists and theorist till this very days, yes

Princess Haiku said...

Actually, Alexander Search was one of Pessoa's many nom de plumes.