Thursday, March 01, 2007

Turquoise Is Loneliness

Wendy Walgate is a Toronto ceramicist who focuses on colour by way of accumulation of masses of small ceramic objects in a single colour group. via mocoloco


pk said...

I saw this then saw your post. Does this mean I'll win the lottery or my house will be burgled? My blue period.

Moon River said...

i wish you to win this lottery, and then you'll be able to decide repaint your house color scheme on each period the it will correspond with your mooood :)
as much as i love blue, this house is just too damn blue all together.

(i'd rather have a transparent house - that lets the natural blues of skies and ocean penetrate the inner environment)
after the seascape islands of Michael Samuels ...that was casted a spell on me,(no logical explanation to it) i Serendipity crossed this turquoise assemblage and was intrigued with it's title..that made me rethink about why is it that i like so much blue and the turquoise-like color of the ocean
didn't understand your burgle thing with your house thought...?

pk said...

I just meant that the coincidence of seeing 2 blue posts might indicate good (lottery) or perhaps bad (burglary).

Or maybe it was ... simply a coincidence.

mm..don't think I would want a blue house. It's time we had paint that changed colour by clicking a button (although I suppose we do - using lighting).

Moon River said...

will it increase our chances, if i tell you, i just came across an other small blue thing? :)

pk said...

I have both the Time out of Mind and the Suzanne Vega cds.

That is a whack site. Dude has a harem or groupies or something. Neatly oddish.