Wednesday, April 04, 2007

future moon

US plans for Moon base- this article examine possible strategies for how a future lunar base may come about, and what benefits could be reaped from it.

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In Colonizing The Moon article, some senarios seems just too good to be true, "A number of sources have made a point of mentioning that on the moon, the average person is light enough to fly under his own power, if given wings and air to fly in. Some space entrepreneurs envision enormous inflatable domes where people could strap on oversized, lightweight polymer wings and do just that".

From - and article about Imaginative new ideas for using space to protect civilization against existential risks, such as killer asteroids, nuclear war, global terrorism and seeing the Moon as backup drive for civilization .

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Princess Haiku said...

In that case we have to find another moon, Moon, farther away.