Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Picture of the Battle

a detail from Nagashino kassen no zu [military history]. from the absulutly AMAZING Kano collection of military history .

Detail of Shimabaranojin zu [military history]

The Kano Collection is the collection of Kano Kokichi (1865-1942), who is known as a Meiji era philosopher and educator. It is a source known to the world as "an encyclopedia of classic, a treasure house of Edo era studies"; the collection's items amount to no less than 108,000 across all fields, such as philosophy, art, history, literature, military science, and so on. The Kano Collection - Image database contains about 450 antique maps and about 280 illustrated books and picture scrolls (about 13,700 images in all) among microfilmed books in Japanese binding, allowing the images to be accessed via the Internet.

From the Edo period, This detailed pictures of the battle where the Edo shogunate destroys the Toyotomi family at Osaka Castle. The Battle of Osaka refers to both the winter battle in 1614 and the summer battle in 1615.

and a detail from Sekigahara Kassen Zu (The Picture of the Battle of Sekigahara):

The picture depicts the battle at Sekigahara in 1600 which would determine who should lead the Toyotomi warrior regime.

Detail from Bishuu kanie kassen no zu [military history]

Detail from Bishuu nagakute kassenzu [military history]

from Shinshuu ueda kassenzu [military history]

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