Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A man Under the Influence


hydrochloric acid, prozac on c-print...


Doug Aitken station to station 2007sulfuric acid, prozac, ambien (zolpidem) on c-print60 x 48 inches

Doug AITKEN, a versatile artist, a poetic photographer, as well as video installations such as beautiful sleep walkers- the first to bring art to MoMA's exterior walls, those works address the elaborate inter-relationships between man, media, industry and landscape and the nature and perception of time. but this time i want to focus over a series of painting dating 2007, and their title insinuate - he was making them under a various cocktail of drugs


Doug Aitken sleeper 2007 sulfuric acid, melatonin, ambien (zolpidem), tryptamine on c-print60 x 48 inches

Doug Aitkenpoints of transition2007 hydrochloric acid, prozac on c-print60 x 48 inches Doug Aitken

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